“Thank you for sharing your artistry with us.  It was a pleasure.” … Harry Belafonte


“Eranga and Prianga were singing songs that forced members of the audience to tap their feet, and even sing.”
“Eranga encouraged people to make butterflies and birds with their hands.”
“The pride of Sri Lanka moved quickly from one upbeat song to the next.” …
Dan Barry - The New York Times


“There was a gasp of admiration when they first came on stage, as they were both quite dazzling to look at” … London Express


“These ambassadors of the East gave a brilliant performance of such rare tone and created an atmosphere truly exotic” … Cologne City Advertiser


“Your selection delighted the crowd and the way you involved the audience was magical” … Eric Schoen, New York


“Your performance… was absolutely sensational.  The infectious enthusiasm of the audience in response to your performance filled the room with charged excitement.  This can only happen when the performers display a towering combination of professional talent and charisma with which you are both blessed.” … Jerry Kirschen, New York 

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